How Travis Scott and Metro Boomin have influenced mainstream hip-hop

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Travis Scott and Metro Boomin are 2 of the leaders at the epicenter of hip hop in youth culture. The woozy synths and the crisp drums have influenced underground and radio culture alike. Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Gucci Mane, Future, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi, and a host of other artists are introducing the world to a high energy form of trap music first popularized by the likes of T.I., Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy.

The sub-genre of hip hop has taken over both underground and mainstream channels of music as affirmed by the recent outputs of Drake, Kanye West, Halsey, and other mainstream acts that are presenting a more EDM, sample based type production. This sound is a direct product of the 1980's and the creation of the Roland TR-808. The drum has been flipped and distorted into its modern form that is comprised of many variants used by producers throughout the world. Its snappiness and catchy nature has embedded it deep into the heart of mainstream culture where instantaneous gratification is the quickest way to the heart of the consumer.

Travis Scott and Metro Boomin have also reinvigorated the art of sample based production. Songs like Mask Off and Oh My/Dis Side have samples reminiscent of recent Kanye West outputs like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. They have taken that sample technique and inverted in using the chopped and screwed technique popularized by southern hip hop pioneers in Houston, Texas.

Much of the culture we celebrate in modern hip hop stem from southern customs. The party culture takes big cues from the Houston scene given its popularization of recreational codeine use. Many use codeine as a designer substance and some are completely addicted to its effects. These are the consequences of popularizing a dangerous lifestyle. Not all of the culture is bad though in fact it has allowed many to change their living situations from that of poverty to affluence and financial liberty.

Due to artists like Future, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Travis Scott, and Metro Boomin a new age of artists has surfaced and given the music industry a focus on energy and vibe. Gone are the days where the most lyrically skilled or technically gifted rapper is among the superior class of the genre for the sake of it. Rap music has become a brand as big as rock music in its prime and the characters of those within have been propelled as well. You must be an entertaining draw and have a unique way about yourself that you approach the art to succeed in this new generation. You must convey a new brand of energy consistent with innovation and non-conventional creativity. Modern rap music is anything but rap, it is merely the vehicle that the youth is best able to communicate its message and experience with the rest of the world. The artists aforementioned have ascended to the top of pop culture and have demanded our attention in a way that not many other eras of music have been able to do.

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